Imagine this: a solo spotlight on a narrator who opens the concerts with one of Hans Christian Anderson's vivid fairy tales.  As the story progresses, the lights slowly come up on the orchestra who take over for the narrator with the haunting music of Grieg, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.  As the orchestra continues to unfold the tale, you begin to notice the live illustrations from our illustrator who brings the fairy tale further to life picture by picture as the illustration is projected on a screen for all to see.  This dance between narrator, orchestra and illustrator continues as the story reaches its end.  With 2 hour, 90 minute and 60 minute versions, this show is sure to be fun for the entire family.


BRAD PRICE is an American illustrator, painter and designer who is a a romantic, a backpacker, an impressionist and a lover of high places.  Through drawing and painting, he makes an emotional visit to the scene.  His style emphasizes contrast and bold and complementary color.  Price attributes much of his development as an artist to his admiration and study of New Mexico's early masters.  The brush strokes are bold and directional in nature.  They set up a rhythmic movement that directs the eye, guiding the viewer through the composition.  According to Price, art is experience and the sharing of experience.  It is creating something new and beautiful for the world and then sharing that moment with others.

Price earned a Degree in Graphic Design and also a Masters in Divinity.   He has exhibited in galleries across the United States and South America. More information can be found at bradprice.net.  


RENE RUIZ is an accomplished voice actor, announcer and audiobook narrator. He has recorded voice spots and announcements for the Walt Disney World Co., Universal Studios Orlando and live productions in Las Vegas. He has narrated several audiobook titles for Random House and Audible.com including "Succeeding When You're Supposed to Fail", "Makers" and "The Launch Pad".  He is also the English voice for the Random House language education series "Living Language".  Rene is also an award-winning director and singer.  He conceived and directed the Off-Broadway a cappella concept show "Toxic Audio" which explored the boundaries of the human voice and it won the Drama Desk Award for "Unique Theatrical Experience". He still works and coaches a cappella groups around the country, encouraging students to find new ways to express themselves using their voices. 

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