The Liner Notes

RoxSteady Music was created to "let the artist be the artist" and to let RoxSteady Music worry about everything else. This motto is the cornerstone of the company. With an expansive background spanning from finance to producing to graphic design and everything in between, RoxSteady takes care of the "dirty" work from start to finish and lets an artist or symphony focus on their art and enjoy the process.

 RoxSteady Music specializes in:

  • Creating, casting and producing Symphonic pops shows
  • Recording, engineering and producing singles and albums (EP or LP)
  • Producing concerts, cabarets, benefits and album releases
  • Creating innovative marketing tools such as websites and YouTube Music Videos

 Co-founders Emily Drennan and Gregory Lopez first met while both working with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra where Emily was performing and Gregory was working as a part of the production team. As a Broadway singer and recording artist with two degrees and fours minors in various business facets, Emily was drawn to Gregory’s experience in management, arranging and symphonic innovation while Gregory was drawn to Emily’s unparalleled vocal talent and knowledge of the music business world.  

Becoming fast friends and confidants, Emily and Gregory recognized a need and want for a fiscally conservative yet innovative music production company. They saw a need for a company that understood the complexity and artistry of a client’s dreams and goals yet also a company that could also deliver a valuable and innovative product on an affordable budget; thus, RoxSteady Music was created.

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